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About Us

Rowena Janet Vokey, Tea Leaf Reader, in the 1930s!


Rowena Janet Vokey  - Born 1906

A Family Tradition since the 1930s and beyond. Ellen's mother was a Tea Leaf Reader  and Psychic since the 1930s. She read the tea cup for family, friends, and neighbours for many years. Her Psychic ability was no doubt passed on to her children.

Ellen and her sister Margie delved into card readings at a very young age. Margie went on to further use her psychic ability as she grew older. She read the Tarot Cards and used the Crystal Ball and other methods for over twenty years until her death in 1998. She always encouraged Ellen to use her gift, her psychic ability, and gave Ellen her first set of cards, "The Rider Deck"  in 1996. 

Ellen studied the Tarot Deck and after Margie's death in 1998, she purchased "The Mythic Tarot" deck and put her talents to work developing her own technique. Later on she purchased various other Tarot Card decks. She studied the Tea Leaves and at times does Tea Cup Readings.  Ellen is presently studying Dream Analysis.

Ellen's great granddaughter, in her teens, has shown interest in the Tarot Cards and has purchased her first deck of cards! She is also interested in learning to read Teacups!


Ellen operated a Matchmaking Service in the late 80s and early 90s and was successful with an outcome of seven marriages and several lasting relationships. She even caught the Bridal Bouquet at the first wedding to which she was invited, and she later married her husband who had encouraged her to start the matchmaking service, noticing her natural ability, her interactions with others. and her caring and empathy for others.  Ellen also operated an Accounting Business for 32 years and semi-retired in 2015 following heart surgery. She is presently retired from Accounting and Income Tax Returns since her husband's passing June, 2018

Ellen presently volunteers for various Charitable Organizations in her community!


Tarot Cards and telephone Readings

Margie Vokey Cormier Born 1938.

Margie reading the Tarot Cards - The Rider Deck


Readings in the Comfort of your Home

Also, Ellen does telephone readings! This is done over the phone and in the privacy of your home.

She is happy to be back doing what she loves to do, after dealing with her loving husband's very ill health - - and subsequently his loss!  He had always encouraged her and helped her in every way he could, always stood by her side.  Ellen has recently relocated to Prince Edward Island, and finds it to be a very friendly and welcoming place to live!

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